It’s all about vintage spinning tin toy tops. A childs favorite toy. The oldest toy in the world.

It all started back in 1987, I was shopping at a Goodwill in Denver, Colorado. I came across this top with the intention of giving it to my 2 year old daughter to play with. I got it home, but never gave it to her. The more I looked at it and played with it, I became enchanted with it.

I started purposely checking out other thrift stores and antique shops looking for toy tops. It was a slow process, but slowly over the years the tops kept being discovered. Soon, my collection grew so large I could no longer display them in the house, and packed them away into the attic.

Now to share my tin top collection, I have enlisted the help of the Internet. It’s amazing how many grandmothers write me asking to help them find a toy top for the grandchild.

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