Other Collectors Links

The Spinning Tops Friends Association. Spain. (link: http://www.baldufa.com/portalprincipalang.htm )
Michael Schoenhoff. Germany. (link: http://mschoenhoff.de/ )
Mia’s Top Collection. USA. (link: http://www.marshmallowpeeps.org/tops/ )
Dina Cahen, Israel. (link: http://svivon.lulaot.com/ )
Gildas Lescop. France. (link: http://toupies.free.fr/
Claude Dubrunfaut. France. (link:  http://cdub78.perso.sfr.fr/toupiesen.htm )
Gildas Lescop. France. (link: http://toupies.free.fr/ )
Olli’s Collection of Tops. Germany. (link: http://www.familie-boege.de/Olli/Kreisel/kreisel.html )
Ulrich Mott Top Site. Germany.  (link: http://www.institut-fuer-kreiselforschung.de/ )
Knut Hegna. Norway. (link: http://folk.uio.no/knuthe/top/snurre.html )
The Tao of Top Spinning. (link: http://www.ta0.com/ )

2 thoughts on “Other Collectors Links

  1. Janine

    Loved looking, I have been trying in vain to buy a Fern Bisel Peat Ohio Art top for my Fern Bisel Peat collection. Do you sell duplicates? also I noticed a Peat one on the main page that is not on the Ohio Art page and I wondered why? The top with the pigs, bears, stars and flowers, right in the middle of the collage.

    1. admin Post author

      Hi Janine
      sorry, it has taken so long to reply. Thanks for viviting my website. I just got this up and running after a long period of being down after my free site disappeared. Still trying to figure this site out.
      I do have some FBP duplicates, all packed away after years of storing in a spare room. One day I will look for you. I will see about getting the pigs/bears top posted in the Ohio page.
      best regards Jonathan


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